We offer a variety of different security solutions, each one tailored to suit your individual needs.

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About our services…

Going above and beyond is our promise to you here at Retail Security London, in order to keep this promise, we offer a variety of different security solutions, each one tailored to suit your individual needs. Whether you require a security guard or mobile patrols, our services are offered throughout the whole of London.
Pleasing our clients is our passion; we are fanatic about getting things right first time. We attend to last minute needs with a efficient turn around and aim to match or even beat any competitor’s price.

Why you should choose us…

  • It is our goal to ensure that our clients are satisfied and happy with the services we provide.
  • As well as retail security, we offer a range of services such as mobile patrols and static guarding, providing security solutions for whatever your business requires.
  • Our security solutions are rated highly and we have managed to become one of the leading security companies in the UK.

Manned Guarding

Guards perform a variety of different job roles in a retail environment, especially in the busier areas of London. It is impossible to rely on your staff to provide impeccable service whilst keeping an eye on things.

Manned retail security guards are also capable of performing minor assistance roles such as greeting people in the store, offering assistance or giving directions to a specific aisle.

Mobile Patrols

This form of security allows a single team of guards to easily manoeuvre between locations ensuring each one is secure.

Whilst mobile patrols are not able to secure a single area in the same way a guard could, they are capable of keeping an eye on a large amount of locations in one area. This works well for franchises looking to keep multiple retail shops safe.

Our retail security officers will act rapidly and effectively as first responder to any criminal activity or emergency in your store.
The presence of our retail security guards will act as a visual deterrence in your store, minimising criminal behaviour.


What does a retail security guard do?

A retail security officer primarily operates in preventing theft, by observing shoppers and identifying any suspicious activity. 
The day to day responsibilities of a retail security guard may vary depending on the purpose of the store. Some of the most common responsibilities include…
  • Deterring  shoplifters at various retail locations
  • Providing customer service when necessary 
  • Handling any emergency situations
  • Ensuring all health and safety procedures are in place
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many security officers will also be required to ask customers to wear face coverings, maintain social distancing rules and sanitise their hands when entering a store.