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Security as a whole refers to measures that are put in place to protect a premises or members of the public from people with ill-intentions. As a security company,  we and our guards get asked a plethora of questions regarding retail security and the services we provide.
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Retail Security Guarding Questions

About retail security…

  • What is a retail security guard?

A security guard is someone who monitors a retail store to protect against theft, vandalism, terrorism, and other potential crimes. They will observe shoppers who enter the store in an effort to identify shoplifting and keep people safe.
  • What are the duties of a retail security officer?

The daily commitments that a security guard will complete consist of the prevention of theft and damage, securing the premises through regular patrols and inspections, and keeping an eye on access points that could permit entry.
  • Are retail security guards important?

There are many reasons of why security guards are important, but in terms of retail security, many companies rely on security officers to protect their valuable stock and prevent theft from occurring.
  • What skills do security guards need?

To become a security guard, it’s beneficial to have good communication skills, physical fitness and the ability to serve client’s needs. Alertness and honesty are also key elements; they must be a trustworthy individual.
  • Can retail security guards detain you?

The best way to understand a security guard’s rights is that they are simply a trained citizen and have no more power to detain you than a regular citizen would. Although, if they deem you to be a threat to yourself or others, they are capable of applying a citizen’s arrest and call for the police. Guards are vigilant in their watch over the store, preventing dangerous individuals from entering a premises.
  • What is the importance of retail security?

The presence of a security guard will deter theft, allowing company owners to have peace of mind knowing that the likelihood of shoplifting is minimal. When employees feel secure, they can dedicate their attention to the wellbeing of the business and not have to worry about criminal activity.
  • How can I keep my retail store secure?

Protecting your business depends on the management of your premises and staff; thorough security training will educate employees on what to do during a robbery and scheduling a number of employees to work at any one time is ideal, since thieves usually target understaffed shops. Additionally, it is imperative that all possible access points such as doors and windows are locked.
CCTV cameras and alarm systems should be a priority, they will provide you with a way to look back at past footage for evidence on who is responsible.

About our company…

  • What security services do you offer?

Security guards are a difficult facet of the retail security world and there is no definitive answer to this question. It is entirely dependent on a multitude of factors, ranging from the location of your retail store within London to the length of time you would need a guard and how many guards you would need.
  • What do your security guards do?

Our security guards are trained to handle any issue that may arise due to the pressures of working in a retail environment. They are trained to prevent any employee theft before it has the chance to happen and they are vigilant in their watch over the store, preventing unsavoury individuals from entering the building.
  • How much do your retail security guards cost?

Our security services all pertain to maintaining security within retail stores in London. Shopping crime and theft is rampant around London; offering security guarding services allows us to protect your shop today.

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